Purchased a pack of bacon before thanksgiving holiday with hopes of frying up for Thanksgiving breakfast. Opened package and its a block of fat (see picture).

I was shocked to find that there are multiple online reports of Aberdeen Farms selling blocks of fat instead of bacon. This is ridiculous to spend over $3.00 for a package of fat.

Like I said, I went online to search for the address of Aberdeen Farms and see if there were any other complaints and there are numerous.

But wait a minute, there is a stamp-of-approval on the package from the US Agricultural Dept -- so they approve of Aberdeen Farms in VA selling consumers blocks of fat? I will definitely send a complaint to them too.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada #1251648

Canadian Bacon is real thick and not very fatty. Those big average brands that are made "FOR MOST" are not quality, ever!

Your best bet is to go to a local farmer or butcher and have it cut the way you want for your own self. *** the big brands that process the lowest quality foods and charge high quality prices.

Don't ever accept what the majority or "MOST" do. Demand better for yourself and your family.

Milton, Florida, United States #1231928

i love this bacon!! affordable so we can have bacon every week if we want!!


......But this is what those living in the fat oriented lifestyle want! ........I bet you ate it though, right?


Fat is bacon too! Its all bacon.

Winter Garden, Florida, United States #938161

I love this bacon because it's loaded with fat and is whimsically sliced! Each piece is a surprise

to Anonymous #943318

Yummy, fried fat!

Brunswick, Ohio, United States #916003

Ah yeah. I bought that brand once too.

Save-a-Lot discount grocery store, IIRC. Same thing... just a block of sliced fat.

Great for rendering down, not so much for eating. You get what you pay for with cheap bacon.


Aberdeen is a number 2 bacon, which means it is usually made up of bacon ends and pieces (not Center cuts like hormel). Also, the USDA stamp is not a stamp of approval, it is a stamp that states the production facility is USDA inspected to make sure they are following all the appropriate laws and regulations. The stamp should also have an Establishment number so any recalls can be traced back to that facility

Lowell, Massachusetts, United States #851055

Same experience package was all fat except an extremely small amount of meat. It is manufactured my Gwaltney


I just had what was probably the top 5 packages of bacon (Aberdeen)I have eaten in my 55yr life. Yes it was cheap but they make the front visible and the back windows for a reason, you have to look at it....

It was triple thick and about 90% lean, obviously the machine screwed up and it didn't look like the pretty bacon but it was absolutely fantastic. their screwup your gain. Good flavor (not late cut boar) smoky and meaty.

If it looks like 90% fat on both sides, well- it probably is, go to the next pack or pay up. absolutely astounding bacon pack.

to Ed #943051

I don't know how many others made the same comment about the package having a window on the back, but you and Dave clearly did not look t the picture. It is a cardboard box with a solid back and a small window on the front.


they will send you a coupon for a 2 free packs , whippee dooo

California City, California, United States #750798

Use it to flavor your food..Bacon fat is used to do that..


I betcha 100% if you fried that up it would taste exactly like yummy nummy for the tummy delicioso baconnie goodness.


Wow, comments are pretty shocking. It doesn't really matter how much you spend, if it says Bacon there should be bacon in the package.

to cyn #751103

pigs are fat thats why they call them pigs and they have a little window on the back of bacon pkgs. so you can see the back side.

to dave Taylor, Michigan, United States #943320


to cyn Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1285811

It didn't say "LEAN BACON" I think it's funny as he>>. Did you bring it back?

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #750484

That is the most pathetic bacon (fat) that I have ever seen.


cheap price? Cheap bacon. No ones fault but yours.

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